Aalborg University, TRU

Tourism Research Unit (TRU) at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, is committed to the shaping of sustainable and smart tourism futures. We engage in research activities focusing on tourism as an agent of socio-cultural change. Our multidisciplinary team studies tourism and transnational mobility in its broader geopolitical, sociocultural and historical context. TRU’s core field of interest is Destination Dynamics, within which we have consolidated expertise in five key areas: Tourism Consumption Cultures, Place-Making, Destination Governance and Innovation Ecologies, Collaborative Economy and Digital Tourism Mobilities.


See this PDF for more on TRU's strategy: 

Contact: Szilvia Gyimóthy

TRU Affiliated Researchers

Karina Smed, main research competences: heritage, Chinese tourists, Arctic tourism, market communication, tourism consumption

Carina Ren, main research competences: events, branding, smart tourism, arctic tourism, collaboration.

Robert C. Thomsen, main research competences:

Szilvia Gyimóthy, main research competences: placemaking strategies, collaborative economy


Laura James, main research competences: tourism policy, governance, innovation, food tourism


Martin Trandberg Jensen, main research competences:  mobility, transport, culture, experience-design, affective engineering, sensory.


Dianne Dredge, main research competences: tourism and higher education, tourism planning and policy, community capacity building, place-based tourism land use planning, tourism organisations

Lill Rastad Bjørstmain research competences:

Henrik Halkier, main research competences: destination development, tourism policy, food tourism, coastal tourism

Anette Therkelsen, main research competences: food tourism, coastal tourism, tourism consumption, branding

Helene Balslev Clausen, main research competences: sustainable tourism development, social entrepreneurship, transnational intermediaries/brokers, mobilities, place/space and power. Geographical area of interest: Latin America and the US.

Malene Grammain research competences: family holidays, intergenerational relations in holidays, young people and place

Anders Sørensenmain research competences: backpacker tourism, tourism cultures, guidebooks and tourism

Peter Kvistgaardmain research competences: coastal tourism, tourism policy, innovation

Marie Mikkelsenmain research competences: tourism consumption, camping

Gregory Hamilton Millermain research competences: 


InnoCoast is an applied research project implemented in close collaboration with the Danish tourism industry. The project will contribute to experience innovation within outdoor, food and cultural tourism: http://www.cgs.aau.dk/forskning/projekter/innocoast

Background Photograph: Niels Thye for VisitDenmark.