Tourism Researchers in Denmark (‘Turismeforskerne i Danmark’ or ‘TiD’) was formed in the spring of 2012 with the aim of promoting tourism research in Denmark by rendering visible this field of research as well as creating interaction between tourism researchers working in Denmark. TiD has 7 member institutions representing all the Danish universities and centers doing tourism research. The purpose of TID is to make visible the collective tourism research in Denmark and contribute to the support of the future development of Danish tourism.


Tourism is a social, cultural, and economic phenomenon which is reflected in Danish tourism research. There are 60+ researchers with backgrounds within both the social science and humanities traditions. Despite there being more than 50 years of tourism research globally, Danish tourism research only has two decades behind it.

Prior to TiD, tourism research has not been very visible – not to the tourism industry, politicians, or potential students. Relative to several countries that we normally compare ourselves with, we are behind with research-based support for one of Denmark’s most important growth opportunities. Despite this there are internationally recognized tourism research environments of high quality, some of which is presented on this website on the page called 'Core Competences'. There is a desire among researchers to cooperate, not only with each other within this limited community, but across universities and with the tourism industry and organizations in Denmark.

Background Photograph: Niclas Jessen for VisitDenmark.