Copenhagen Business School

Tourism-related research at CBS is grounded in four departments

1. Department of International Economics (INT)

The Center for Leisure and Culture Service research (CLCS) at INT focuses on trans-disciplinary issues in various businesses in the leisure and cultural industries, such as the fine arts, hospitality, destination management and heritage sites. More details about CLCS at:

2. Department of Marketing (Mktg)​

The Center for Tourism and Culture Management (TCM) is a research center at the Department of Marketing. Our research and teaching addresses a broad range of tourism topics with a particular focus on tourist behavior and decision-making, destination branding, measuring tourism performance and Consumer Culture Theory.

More details about TCM at:

3. Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP)

Research at MPP focuses on cultural economics, policy, the experience economy, and the creative economy.


4. Department of IT Management (ITM)

Tourism research at ITM blends the use and analyses of the impact of digital IT solutions in the tourism realm.

Contact: Adriana Budeanu

Affiliated Researchers

Can Seng Ooi, main research competence: cultural tourism, tourist experiences, destination branding, sustainable tourism, tourism policy


Ana Maria Munar, main research competence: tourism studies with focus on epistemology, higher education, gender, digital media and destination branding

Adriana Budeanu, main research competence: strategic environmental and supply chain management, tourism management and sustainability, sustainable tourist consumption, sustainable destination development and public policy

Kristian Hvass, main research competence: transportation operations and economics & stastical methods and measurements

Kasper Vind Tillman

Carina Antonia Hallin, main research competence: strategy, collective intelligence, crowdsourcing, prediction markets and crowd predictions


Shevren Lai, main research competence: UNESCO, heritage tourism, Malaysia, tourism policy

Lise Lyck, main research competence: tourism economics, Danish tourism, EU tourism, tourism case-studies, service economy.

Alexander Josiassen, main research competence: destination image,  destination content model,  tourists attitudes,  tourism performance,  destination branding

Hanne Pico Larsen, main research competence: Consumer Culture Theory (CCT), storytelling, place branding, experience economy, servicescapes, food anthropology, film-induced tourism)


Sebastian Zenker, main research competence: destination branding, place branding, brand measurement, stakeholder management, participatory place branding, film-induced tourism)


Trine Bille, main research competence: cultural economics, tourism economics, public policy, creative industries, experience economics)

Mads Bødker, main competences: human-computer interaction, mobile IT, user experience, interaction design, design methods, anthropology and ethnography in desig, IT in tourism and heritage

Background Photograph: Kim Wyon for VisitDenmark.