University of Copenhagen


Tourism research at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources Management (IGN) ( has been going on since 1992 linked to broader research on natural resources and recreational uses, spatial planning and with a current focus on marine recreation and tourism. The research has been carried out in Denmark, Greenland and Thailand as well as in Nordic and European projects. During the years tourism research has focused on: the recreational use of nature by tourists and locals, tourism impacts on nature, socio-cultural impacts on local communities, adaptation strategies to tourism by local communities, sustainable tourism, ecotourism, tourism in national/nature parks, nature-oriented innovation in the experience economy, best practices in a Nordic and European context, tourism indicators, marine tourism, Arctic tourism and climate change, GIS-mapping and analyses, spatial planning, marine spatial planning, spatial analyses, surveys, crowd-sourcing and PPGIS methodologies.

Contact: Berit C. Kaae


Affiliated Researchers

Berit C. Kaae, main research competence: sustainable tourism, tourism impacts, indicators, marine tourism, nature-oriented tourism innovation, surveys, marine spatial planning. Email:

Anton S. Olafsson, main research competence: marine tourism, urban nature tourism, tourism geography, PPGIS, governance, planning and management. Email:


Ole Hjorth Caspersen, main research competence: experience mapping, nature- and national park planning and design, methods for recreational monitoring. Email:

Frank Søndergaard Jensen, main research competence: national and local outdoor recreation studies, visitor monitoring, preference and value studies. Email:

Background Photograph: Kim Wyon for VisitDenmark.