Roskilde University, (RUC)

 Tourism research at RUC takes place in three different departments.


1. Department of People and Technology (DPT)

At DPT focus is on tourism sociology, performativity in time and space, working life of front employees in the experience economy, design processes in destination making, sharing economy and eco-tourism.


2. Department of Social Sciences and Business (DSSB)

The DSSB tourism research emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurship and design of tourist products, experience, management and organization, gastro-tourism, festivals, events and culture as tourist activities. The tourism research is interlinked with research on the experience economy, services, the food sector and culture.


3. Department of Communication and Arts (DCA)

At DCA focus is on poorism, poverty walks, empowerment, third world tourism, experience technologies, museum and mobile tourism ethnographies. Tourism research at RUC is aiming at actual problems in the tourism industry, as well as contributing to new theoretical and methodological advances in collaboration international partners.

The researchers at Roskilde University are all organised in the Centre for Experience and Tourism Research, which can be found here:

Contact: Jane Widtfeldt Meged

Affiliated Researchers

1. Department of People and Technology


Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt, main research competences: Culture, Design, Experience, Place, Regional development


Jonas Larsen, main research competences: Cycling, running, photography, practices, theory


Jane Widtfeldt Meged, main research competences: sociology of the guided tour, guides, working life, sharing economy, innovation


Jesper Holm, main reserach competences: eco-tourism, eco-experience innovation, sustainable transitions of destinations 

Mathilde Dissing Christensen, main research competences: sharing economy, Airbnb


2. Department of Social Sciences and Business

Lars Fuglsang, main research competences: innovation, networking, experience economy


Jens Friis Jensen, main research competences: tourism service/experience encounters, tourism and experience innovation, tourism development, experience design


Jon Sundbo, main research competences: innovation, experience economy, services, culinary tourism


Flemming Sørensen, main research competences: innovation, network, co-creation, front-worker, experiments


Fabian Holt, main research competences: concert, festival culture


3. Department of Communication and Arts

Tore Elias Harsløf Mukherjee Holst, main research competences: poorism, poverty walks, empowerment, third-world tourism


Michael Haldrup, main research competences: experience design, experience performance, heritage,


Connie Svabo, main research competences: experience design, experience technologies, museums, spatial designs

Background Photograph: Søren Lauridsen for VisitDenmark.